The Drawing Estafette and the Allie van Altena Minerva Farewell Exhibition

The Drawing Estafette is a project to pass on ideas, skills and knowledge by using drawing materials. The project consists of two parts: the creation of an estafette-drawing by the participants during one day of working and/or the bringing in of some (already made) finished drawings. Both (all) the submitted drawings and the One-Day-Drawing-Estafette will be presented together with the Allie van Altena Minerva Farewell Exhibition. This will take place in the central hall of Academy Minerva Zuiderdiep in the first half of September 2018.

The One-Day-Drawing-Estafette will be held on Friday the 14th of September prior to the joined opening event of the Farewell Exhibition and the Drawing Estafette. The online submitted drawings must be delivered at Academie Minerva between 20th and 24th of August.

The Drawing Estafette is an ideal project for both students, beginner artist practitioners and everyone else who believes in the power of drawing.

The time to register is over. We hope to see you soon!